The seemingly never-ending economic downturn has had a phenomenal impact on employees. Employees are turning off, performance is dropping, and business leaders are scratching their heads looking for elusive solutions. How can they motivate people to re-connect with their work, pull together and get the job done, but without the luxury of using money as a motivating tool? How can they motivate without money?

Motivating without Money™ is a series of product experiences, designed specifically to answer this very question.

Created in three distinct, pre-packaged ‘sizes’ of 90 impactful minutes, a half day, and a full day, this unique design allows organisations to run each of the experiences on demand, allowing the Motivating without Money™ concept to impact immediately. The e-brochure provides more detail on the specific content of each of the three experiences. The Motivating without Money™ experience will provide Managers, Leaders and organisations with a number of insights, including:

  • A look at the global economic situation through the lens of the employee, and understand how their relationship with their corporate parent has changed as a result
  • Understanding the employee revolution and the impact that it has on employee performance, discretionary effort, engagement, and retention
  • Insights into the 21st century science of motivation, and how the approaches that worked for hundreds of years are now defunct, need to be replaced with a whole new set of rules
  • Understand the notion of career hotspots™ and how tapping into these for your best employees will enable you to not only secure their focus, enthusiasm, performance, but also ensure that they stay with you once the economic dust has settled
  • Explore the concept of career customisation™ and how it can become the centrepiece of your Motivating without Money™ approach
  • Understand the cruciality for Managers & Leaders of the unique Connect 7™ model, and how it should underpin all strategies for successfully Motivating without Money™.

The Motivating without Money™ experiences answer the questions that are puzzling Managers & Leaders today:

Our budgets are constantly shrinking, how can we replace money as the default motivator?

We don’t have money for salary increases and bonuses and I’m worried that I’m going to lose my best people. What can I do?

What can I do to make sure that I don’t lose my best people just as soon as the economic dust settles?

If these challenges sound familiar, then the Motivating without Money™ experience will undoubtedly add value to your organisation. For further information, download the e-brochure on this page and to discuss how the Motivating without Money™ experience could work for you, call David Thompson on +44 (0) 7801 570277.

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