David has been developing people in businesses for over two decades, gathering his experience in a number of sectors from retail to digital media to global financial services, within a number of successful organisations:

Based in the UK, he has also lived and worked in the USA, and after a number of years operating at Senior Vice President level in the world of global financial services, he founded Beyond the Dots in 2009. This boutique consultancy focuses on the people side of business and is the extension of the creative, engaging and practical approach that characterizes his bestselling books.

David is the author of four business books, all of which have enjoyed considerable international success. Career Helium is the engaging tale of a young man who learns the secrets that enable him to float past others to reach the top, and has been published in Korean, Chinese, and Polish. Trust Unwrapped, a story of trust, integrity and chocolate, has received widespread praise and has been adopted by a number of business schools in the UK. The Magic BlackBerry is as unusual as it is impactful and was described by Dan Pink, the New York Times bestselling author of Drive as “a gem … a great little read”. It was well received and has been published in a number of international languages including Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Italian and more. David’s next book, The Small Print of Success, is being published simultaneously in traditional printed and e-book format on 19th April 2012.

David is a leading expert in the people side of business, with specialisms in creating killer talent management strategies, developing teams that truly work, and building strong future-focused leaders. He has spearheaded the charge to re-connect with employees following the sustained economic challenges with the development of the unique Motivating without Money™ concept.

He works with organisations that want a little more colour, creativity and excitement in their people solutions, including:

Renowned for his ability as a natural and engaging facilitator, David possesses the rare gift of being able to quickly build rapport with groups and individuals, due largely to his open and personable style. Simply, David’s style brings a message to life. To watch David in action, click here.

David is based in the UK and works internationally. Contact him personally on +44 (0) 7801 570277 and david@beyondthedots.com.