Beyond The Dots




We know that it’s useful sometimes to pull in some expertise that can take a fresh perspective and inject some new ideas to really get something going. We believe in playing to your strengths and so we specialise in the things that we are best at . Some would say we’re better than most. You can make your own mind up…

Building teams that work. Oooh, teams can be tricky. Teams have the power to be amazingly impactful if they are working well, and amazingly destructive if they aren’t. Whether it’s to focus on developing a plan for the future, or to iron out some relationship dysfunctionality, working with teams that want to be more successful is one of the things that we do best.

Developing authentic leaders. One of the most important skills at work, and yet few are properly prepared. As the modern day workplace is changing, so is the role of the leader. These days, successful leaders are the ones that know themselves, and tap into their natural skills and personality in order to connect, motivate, and drive their people.

Developing killer talent management strategies. Talent isn’t about data, it’s about people. Despite the difficult times, leveraging and retaining your best people is easy is you know how. Our Career Hotspots™ and Career Customisation™ models are at the centre of revolutionary approaches to engaging and retaining the best people to give their best performance. It can be done. We can help you do it.

Motivating without Money™. The challenge of our times. Our leading edge Motivating without Money™ experience does exactly what it says on the tin: how can you replace money as the default motivator yet still garner enthusiasm, performance and commitment? The answer is here.

Expert meeting and conference facilitation. Where would we be without meetings? Having a meeting, conference or offsite facilitated can make a significant difference. A new perspective, some fresh energy, and a different approach are some of the benefits that a facilitator can bring to an event. So, next time you are planning an important meeting or event and want to make sure that it hits the money on every count, you know who to call.