David Thompson is the author of a number of business books, which have been published internationally.

The Magic BlackBerry, published in 2010, is an international bestseller, and has been translated into a number of international languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese and Italian to name but a few.

David’s next book, The Small Print of Success, is available now published by Marshall Cavendish. It is already attracting significant interest from the book trade, readers and international publishers.

Career Helium, The Magic Blackberry and The Small Print of Success are all now avaliable as E-Books on Amazon Kindle.

This mini E-Book is now avalible on Amazon Kindle.

The Magic
The Small Print
of Success

The Magic BlackBerry
How to upgrade your relationships at work: a personal leadership fable
David Thompson

This enchanting and entertaining tale centres around Jack Logan, who, overtaken with the desire to respond on command to every email that bleeps and vibrates into his inbox, is soon sabotaging his career with emotionally charged emails that do nothing to enhance his reputation and relationships at work.

Like a modern day Aladdin rubbing his lamp, it’s not long before one of these career limiting emails awakens The Magic BlackBerry. With its unique insights and playful personality, The Magic BlackBerry guides Jack through a number of situations in his working life – teaching him the importance of relationships, communication, and perspective; resulting in his personal growth, and ultimately greater success at work.

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ISBN: 978-1-905-73643-0

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